Store Token

How to use

The ITokenService interface (the default implementation of TokenService) has only four methods and the login_url attribute:

  • set(data: ITokenModel): boolean Set authentication information and trigger change

  • get(): ITokenModel Get authentication information

  • clear() clears the authentication information and triggers the change parameter to be null

  • change(): Observable<ITokenModel> Subscribe to authentication information change callback

  • login_url Get the login address, equivalent to the value configured by forRoot()

Therefore, when the backend returns the corresponding authentication information during the login process, as long as the ITokenModel interface object is met, the set method can be called to store the authentication to IStore (the default implementation LocalStorageStore).

constructor(@Inject(DA_SERVICE_TOKEN) service: ITokenService) {
  service.set({ token: `asdf` });

  service.get().token; // output: asdf

Storage type

The default is to use LocalStorageStore persistent storage, you can change other storage methods in global-config.module.ts or root module.

export class GlobalConfigModule {
  static forRoot(): ModuleWithProviders {
    return {
      ngModule: GlobalConfigModule,
      providers: [
        { provide: DA_STORE_TOKEN, useClass: MemoryStore }

Contains three storage types:


localStorage storage, not lost after closing the browser.


sessionStorage storage, lost after closing the browser.


Memory storage, lost after closing the browser tab.


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