Getting Started


Using ng-alain scaffolding should as use as possible the ng command set provided by the Angular CLI to build, upgrade, etc., ng-alain also implemented some cool things:

  • Build empty scaffolding with ng add

  • Use ng g to build modules, business pages

  • Pluggable plugin


We don't recommend directly cloning the git repository, but instead using ng add to build the ng-alain project, there are a few simple steps:

  1. Create an empty angular project

# Make sure you are using the latest version of Angular cli
ng new demo --style less

2, add ng-alain scaffolding

ng add ng-alain --defaultLanguage=en

If you any querstion, please refer to FAQ

3, running

ng serve

How to upgrade

Suggest Star or Watch source code repository to help you better understand change log.

please refer to upgrade