Global Configuration

We add support of global configuration to many components. You can define the default behavior of the component through global configuration, thus reducing the code that needs to be written in the template, and support changing global config at runtime.

How to Use?

If you want to provide default configurations to some components, you should provide an object that implements the interface AlainConfig with the injection token ALAIN_CONFIG, in the root module (in another word, to the root injector). Like this:

// global-config.module.ts
import { AlainConfig, ALAIN_CONFIG } from '@delon/util/config';

const alainConfig: AlainConfig = {
  st: { ps: 3 },

  providers: [
    { provide: ALAIN_CONFIG, useValue: alainConfig },
export class GlobalConfigModule {}

These global configuration would be injected into a service named AlainConfigService and gets stored.


Please refer to NG-ZORRO Website Documentation