Module Guidelines

The AppModule, CoreModule, and SharedModule modules have not been used very clearly, and it is easy to use them. The goal of the Angular module is to make components, instructions, services, and pipeline function blocks more cohesive, and each functional area forms a separate set of business domains or utilities.

1) Classification description


The root module is used to guide Angular startup. It is very suitable for importing some modules that need to be used everywhere in the application. Such as: theme system, user master authentication module, permission module, global HTTP interceptors, international services, etc..


The core module will only be imported once. It is equivalent to AppModule, but we should treat it as a pure service class module. For example: message, data access, etc.


We call it a shared module. It should not have providers because ShareModule will be imported in all business modules. Which will cause the service to be overwritten.

NG-ZORRO, @delon/abc, @delon/chart, etc. have changed from all import to on-demand import since version 11. For this reason, NG-ALAIN has refined two files shared-delon.module.ts and shared -zorro.module.ts merges some modules frequently used throughout the project into a module called SharedModule, which is why it is necessary to import it in the business module for the first time. Although this method can reduce unnecessary import code, it will also cause compilation speed. Therefore, it is not recommended to put all components into SharedModule, and try to put the modules that need to be used more than three times before putting them here; Otherwise, you must import it yourself in the business module.

2) Recommendation


Should import module:

  • Angular Module: BrowserModule, BrowserAnimationsModule, HttpClientModule

  • AlainThemeModule Theme system

  • DelonMockModule Mock data

  • AlainAuthModule User authentication module

  • AlainACLModule Privilege module

  • Internationalization module

Should include services:

  • Angular globalization

  • HTTP interceptor

  • Angular start service

  • ng-zorro-antd Basic component service

  • @delon/abc Business component service

Role: Throughout the definition of the entire application.


Should only leave the providers attribute.

Role: Some common services. such as: user messages, HTTP data access.


Should contain definitions:

  • Apply generic custom business components

Should import module:

  • Angular generic module:CommonModuleFormsModuleRouterModuleReactiveFormsModule

  • ng-zorro-antd Basic component module

  • @delon/abc Business component module

  • Third-party generic dependency component module

Should Export all included modules.

Should not have providers attribute.

Function: Some common custom, third-party component definitions, reducing the import of business modules.

Business module

The business module should include a business definition module and a routing module.

Should import module:

Should not:

  • Export any component

  • Try not to use the providers attribute

Route module

Should include only the import, exports modules of the r