Upgrade scaffold

In Architecture we have described the overall composition of the NG-ALAIN scaffolding. We spent a lot of time developing some infrastructure and publishing these to the @delon/* series to Npm. , making the upgrade very easy.

Publishing rule

Similar to @angular/*, the version number of the @delon/* class library will be a version number (NPM version) at each iteration, regardless of whether a class library has been modified.

At the same time, please follow the following publishing rules and update version number:

  • @delon as the infrastructure library, which will be slightly higher in the update frequency, usually updated at least once a week.

  • With BREAKING CHANGES at least one minor version number

  • Update Log

How to upgrade?

Method 1: Command (Recommend)

Unless it's a major version update (Similar to upgrading from 12.0.0 to 13.0.0), you only need to run the following command:

ng update ng-alain

Method 2: Modify the version number

Modify package.json All class libraries starting with @delon/ are the latest version number:

"@delon/theme": "^12.0.0"

Replace ^12.0.0 with the latest version number.

Finally, reinstall the dependencies.


Please read Frequently Asked Questions

Method 3: Update all class libraries

Scaffolding in package.json most libraries use loose version numbers, for example:

^0.1.0 with the ^ symbol indicates that the latest minor version number is used, so 0.7.0 is also the range.

To use this update method, you need to follow these steps:

  • Remove the node_modules folder and the yarn.lock file

  • Execute yarn

Note: This method will install all class libraries in a newer version, but it may cause unnecessary troubles due to damaging changes of third-party t