Input complete automatically.

Data Source


Every filter after data got is filtered by filterOption, data source is from asyncData, enum.

Email postfix is automatically added when it is schema.format: 'email', by default, it is ['', '', '', '', ''], can adjust the value by setting enum or global config uiEmailSuffixes


Every filter after data got is filtered by filterOption, data source is from asyncData.


Basic Usage

Simplest of usage.

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import { Component } from '@angular/core';
import { SFAutoCompleteWidgetSchema, SFSchema } from '@delon/form';
import { NzMessageService } from 'ng-zorro-antd/message';
import { of } from 'rxjs';

  selector: 'form-autocomplete-simple',
  template: `<sf [schema]="schema" (formSubmit)="submit($event)"></sf>`,
export class FormAutocompleteSimpleComponent {
  schema: SFSchema = {
    properties: {
      format: {
        type: 'string',
        title: 'Format',
        format: 'email',
      widget: {
        type: 'string',
        title: '指定widget',
        ui: {
          widget: 'autocomplete',
          type: 'email',
        } as SFAutoCompleteWidgetSchema,
      async: {
        type: 'string',
        title: '异步',
        ui: {
          widget: 'autocomplete',
          debounceTime: 100,
          asyncData: input =>
                ? [
                    { label: input, value: 1, otherData: 1 },
                    { label: input + input, value: 2 },
                : [],
          change: (comp, data) => console.log(comp, data),
        } as SFAutoCompleteWidgetSchema,
        default: 'asdf',

  constructor(private msg: NzMessageService) {}

  submit(value: {}): void {



[enum]Static data sourceSFSchemaEnumType[]-
[readOnly]Read onlyboolean-


[asyncData]Realtime data(input: string) => Observable<SFSchemaEnumType[]>-
[size]Szie, equals to nzSizestring-
[filterOption]Whether filter by input, by default, only apply to label and filter through indexOf case insensitive. When it's a function, accept inputValue and option parameters, return true when option match search criteria, otherwise, return falseboolean or (inputValue: string, option: SFSchemaEnum) => booleantrue
[type]Mode, automatically complete common email postfix, can set new postfix by setting enumemail-
[debounceTime]debounce time, minimum is 50 by default when it's realtime data source, unit: millisecondnumber0
[defaultActiveFirstOption]Whether active the first item by defaultbooleantrue
[backfill]Fill selected value into input when keyboard selection options is usedbooleanfalse
[nzWidth]Customize width, unit is pxnumberTrigger width of element
[change]Change callback(item: NzAutocompleteOptionComponent, orgData: SFSchemaEnum) => void-