Customize Theme

Ant Design allows you to customize some basic design aspects in order to meet the needs of UI diversity from business and brand, including primary color, border radius, border color, etc.

Less variables

We are using Less as the development language for styling. A set of less variables are defined for each design aspect that can be customized to your needs.

Customize theme with schematics

Run ng add ng-alain, set up custom theme file, then modified the file src/styles/theme.less.

Official Themes

We have some official themes, try them out and give us some feedback!

  • 🌑 Dark Theme (supported in 9+)

  • 📦 Compact Theme (supported in 9+)

Method 1

In the style file src/styles/theme.less, change default to dark or compact to override theme variables.

// - `default` Default Theme
// - `dark` 🌑 Dark Theme (supported in 9+)
// - `compact` 📦 Compact Theme (supported in 9+)
@import '@delon/theme/theme-default.less';

// ==========The following is the custom theme variable area==========
// @primary-color: #f50;

Method 2

If the project does not use Less, you can include dark.css or compact.css in the CSS file or add to the angular.json config.

CSS file:

@import "@delon/theme/dark.css";


  "build": {
    "options": {
      "styles": [

Switch Theming

When using @angular/cli to configure themes, you must build applications for each theme. When you want to switch themes without reloading the application (like this website), you can use the following method to compile the theme into a style file, and switch at runtime:

Note: Make sure theme variables exist in global styles, not in component scope styles, because component styles that have higher priority will prevent the theme override.

  1. Install Dependencies

yarn add ng-alain-plugin-theme -D

ng-alain-plugin-theme is to generate color.less and theme CSS files for NG-ALAIN.

Add theme node in ng-alain.json:

  "$schema": "./node_modules/ng-alain/schema.json",
  "theme": {
    "list": [
        "theme": "dark"
        "key": "dust",
        "modifyVars": {
          "@primary-color": "#F5222D"

Finally, run the following command:

npx ng-alain-plugin-theme -t=themeCss

Two style files will be generated in src/assets/style.dark.css and src/assets/style.dust.css.

  1. Switch Theme at Runtime

Dynamically create a link tag, dynamically load style files into the application, and remove them otherwise.

You can also use the theme-btn component directly.

changeTheme(theme: 'default' | 'dark'): void {
  if (theme === 'dark') {
    const style = document.createElement('link');
    style.type = 'text/css';
    style.rel = 'stylesheet'; = 'dark-theme';
    style.href = 'assets/style.dark.css';
  } else {
    const dom = document.getElementById('dark-theme');
    if (dom) {

Note: If you use @delon/chart or third-party component, you may need to manually modify the component to support the corresponding theme.

Component development issues

The above theme switching method is based on the fact that all Less style content is independent of src/styles.less. Sometimes, it is also defined in the component, like:

  selector: 'app-dashboard-analysis',
  templateUrl: './analysis.component.html',
  styleUrls: ['./analysis.component.less'],
  changeDetection: ChangeDetectionStrategy.OnPush,
export class DashboardAnalysisComponent {}
// analysis.component.less
@import '@delon/theme/index';
:host ::ng-deep { 
  color: @text-color;

Because the styles defined in the component run independently under Angular, it is impossible to switch to the dark theme as a whole according to the introduction of @import '@delon/theme/theme-compact.less';, if you want the same in the component To use the dark series, you must:

// analysis.component.less
- @import '@delon/theme/index';
+ @import '@delon/theme/theme-dark';

Or, redefine for a component theme:

// analysis.component.less
[data-theme='dark'] {
  :host ::ng-deep {
    // Redefining the dark theme

Or compact theme:

[data-theme='compact'] {
  :host ::ng-deep {
    // Redefining the compact theme