ng-alain also includes a set of like bootstrap style tools, And built on the design principles developed by Ant Design. If you are familiar with Bootstrap, it will be very friendly, because all naming as close as it. Also, Install ng-alain snippets plugin in VSCode for intellisense these class names.


We have hundreds of Less variables (including ng-zorro-antd, ng-alain), some of which contain the -enabled suffix, which means that these libraries are optional.

You can to theme.less set to false, which can reduce css file size.

// I don't need masonry style
@masonry-enabled: false


@scrollbar-enabledtrueEnable landscaping scrollbars
@preserve-white-spaces-enabledtrueFixed between buttons spacing when enabled preserveWhitespaces is true
@form-state-visual-feedback-enabledfalseTurn on visual feedback of form invalid elements
@hafl-enabledtrueWhether hafl image
@abs-enabledtrueWhether abs element
@masonry-enabledtrueWhether css masonry
@setting-drawer-enabledtrueWhether setting drawer css
@search-form-enabledtrueSimple style search form, DEMO
@search__form-enabledtruePro style search form, DEMO