Date Time Conversion


一组针对 DatePicker 的工具类。

  • now Current local time

  • date Current local date (not including time part)

  • removeTime Remove the time part of the date

  • format Format date-time

  • getDiffDays Calculate the number of days between two dates, 0 means the same day

  • disabledBeforeDate Disabled Before date (Default: today), Generally serves nzDisabledDate

  • disabledAfterDate Disabled After date (Default: today), Generally serves nzDisabledDate

  • disabledBeforeTime Disabled Before time (Default: now), Generally serves nzDisabledTime

  • disabledAfterTime Disabled After time (Default: now), Generally serves nzDisabledTime

disabledDate = dateTimePickerUtil.disabledBeforeDate();
disabledDateTime = dateTimePickerUtil.disabledBeforeTime({ offsetSeconds: 60 * 5 });


Get the time range, return [ Date, Date] for the start and end dates, for example: Get this week time:



  • type Shortcut type, with - for last time, if specified number type for days

    • today, -today, yesterday Today or yesterday

    • week, -week This week or last week

    • month, -month This month or last month

    • year, -year This year or last year

  • time Specify start time, default is now


Return the date parsed from string using the given format string, If the argument is a number, it is treated as a timestamp.

  • formatString If parsing fails try to parse the date by pressing formatString

  • defaultValue If parsing fails returned default value, default: new Date(NaN)