Default Layout

The default layout all parameters are prefixed with @alain-default-.


1. Style import

Import in src/styles.less:

@import '@delon/theme/layout-default/style/index';

2. Using layout-default component

Creat a new layout in src/app/layout/basic/basic.component.ts:

import { Component } from '@angular/core';
import { SettingsService, User } from '@delon/theme';
import { LayoutDefaultOptions } from '@delon/theme/layout-default';
import { environment } from '@env/environment';

  selector: 'layout-basic',
  template: `
    <layout-default [options]="options" [asideUser]="asideUserTpl" [nav]="navTpl" [content]="contentTpl">
      <layout-default-header-item direction="left">
        <a layout-default-header-item-trigger href="//" target="_blank">
          <i nz-icon nzType="github"></i>
      <layout-default-header-item direction="left" hidden="pc">
        <div layout-default-header-item-trigger (click)="searchToggleStatus = !searchToggleStatus">
          <i nz-icon nzType="search"></i>
      <layout-default-header-item direction="middle">
        <header-search class="alain-default__search" [toggleChange]="searchToggleStatus"></header-search>
      <layout-default-header-item direction="right" hidden="mobile">
      <ng-template #asideUserTpl>
        <div nz-dropdown nzTrigger="click" [nzDropdownMenu]="userMenu" class="alain-default__aside-user">
          <nz-avatar class="alain-default__aside-user-avatar" [nzSrc]="user.avatar"></nz-avatar>
          <div class="alain-default__aside-user-info">
            <strong>{{ }}</strong>
            <p class="mb0">{{ }}</p>
        <nz-dropdown-menu #userMenu="nzDropdownMenu">
          <ul nz-menu>
            <li nz-menu-item routerLink="/pro/account/center">{{ '' | i18n }}</li>
            <li nz-menu-item routerLink="/pro/account/settings">{{ 'menu.account.settings' | i18n }}</li>
      <ng-template #navTpl>
        <layout-default-nav class="d-block py-lg"></layout-default-nav>
      <ng-template #contentTpl>

    <setting-drawer *ngIf="showSettingDrawer"></setting-drawer>
export class LayoutBasicComponent {
  options: LayoutDefaultOptions = {
    logoExpanded: `./assets/logo-full.svg`,
    logoCollapsed: `./assets/logo.svg`,
  searchToggleStatus = false;
  showSettingDrawer = !environment.production;
  get user(): User {
    return this.settings.user;

  constructor(private settings: SettingsService) {}

In addition, in layout operations, you can subscribe to layout changes through SettingsService.notify (for example: sidebar show and hide, etc.). Note that all layout-related changes will pass through this interface, so you need to do filter operation.



[options]Options of the layoutLayoutDefaultOptions-
[asideUser]Side user of the layoutTemplateRef<void>-
[customError]Custom exception routing error message, can't show when is nullstring, nullCould not load ${evt.url} route


[logo]Custom Logo AreaTemplateRef<void>-
[logoExpanded]Logo url of expanded statusstring./assets/logo-full.svg
[logoCollapsed]Logo url of collapsed statusstring./assets/logo.svg
[logoFixWidth]Specify a fixed logo widthnumber-
[logoLink]Specify the logo routing addressstring/
[hideAside]Hide the sidebar without showing the collapsed icon buttonbooleanfalse


[disabledAcl]Displayed disabled state when acl check fails.booleanfalse
[autoCloseUnderPad]When the route width is less than the Pad width, the sidebar is automatically closed.booleantrue
[recursivePath]Automatic up recursive lookup, menu data source contains /ware, then /ware/1 is also treated as /warebooleantrue
[openStrictly]Precise check open status, does not auto closed other open itembooleanfalse
[maxLevelIcon]Icon displays up to which levelnumber3
(select)Callback when clicking menu (including disabled)EventEmitter<Menu>-

The component data comes from MenuService (which is structured as Menu), and the operation of MenuService is auto synchronized to the component.


[hidden]Hidden behavior of the header itempc, mobile, nonenones
[direction]Direction of the header itemleft, middle, rightright


The trigger style of the head item.

Layout description

In the upper-left-right layout mode, it is applied to the development of the business page. Its specification details:

  • Top area height 64px(parameter:@header-hg

  • Side area width 200px(parameter:@aside-wd

  • Hide side navigation when the screen is below 1140px wide

  • Turn the side navigation to the fixed state when the screen is below 1140px wide

  • Mainly includes a layout-default-nav component

Parameters are adjustable as needed by the src/styles/theme.less file.

Top area


Scaffolding provides some regular top-level components by default, which are stored in the components directory. At the same time @delon/abc also provides several top components (eg:notice-icon Notification menu component. You can build it yourself or develop it yourself based on the components provided.

Scaffolding supports responsive layout. For the top area, you may need to hide some components under the small screen, so you can add hidden-xs to the corresponding DOM node to automatically hide when the screen is smaller than 768px.

Side area


Only one user information and main menu are included. The main menu is a layout-default-nav component.

Internal area

The content area is the business page area, the specification details:

  • Content distance page standard, side, right scroll bar, bottom, this margin is based on a standard Dashboard Gutter width 24px.

Less Parameters

@alain-default-prefix.alain-defaultStyle name prefix
@alain-default-easecubic-bezier(.25, 0, .15, 1)Animation filter function
@alain-default-header-hg64pxHeight of header
@alain-default-header-bg@primary-colorBackground-color of header
@alain-default-header-padding@layout-gutter * 2Horizontal padding of header
@alain-default-header-search-enabledtrueWhether top search
@alain-default-header-icon-fs18pxFont size of icon
@alain-default-header-logo-max-height36pxMax height of logo
@alain-default-aside-wd200pxWidth of aside
@alain-default-aside-bg#fffBackground-color of aside
@alain-default-aside-scrollbar-width0Scrollbar width of aside
@alain-default-aside-scrollbar-height0Scrollbar height of aside
@alain-default-aside-scrollbar-track-colortransparentScrollbar track color of aside
@alain-default-aside-scrollbar-thumb-colortransparentScrollbar thumb color of aside
@alain-default-aside-nav-fs14pxFont size of nav name
@alain-default-aside-nav-icon-width14pxWidth of nav icon
@alain-default-aside-nav-img-wh14pxWidth & height of nav image
@alain-default-aside-nav-padding-top-bottom@layout-gutterVertical padding of nav
@alain-default-aside-nav-item-height38pxItem height of nav
@alain-default-aside-nav-text-colorrgba(0, 0, 0, 0.65)Nav text color
@alain-default-aside-nav-text-hover-color#108ee9Nav text hover color
@alain-default-aside-nav-group-text-colorrgba(0, 0, 0, 0.43)Group text color
@alain-default-aside-nav-selected-text-color#108ee9Nav selected text color
@alain-default-aside-nav-selected-bg#fcfcfcNav selected background color
@alain-default-aside-collapsed-wd@layout-gutter * 8Width of aside collapsed
@alain-default-aside-collapsed-nav-fs24pxFont size of aside collapsed
@alain-default-aside-collapsed-nav-img-wh24pxWidth & height nav image of aside collapsed
@alain-default-content-heading-bg#fafbfcHeading background color of content area
@alain-default-content-heading-border#efe3e5Heading bottom border color of content area
@alain-default-content-padding@layout-gutter * 3Padding of content area
@alain-default-content-bg#f5f7faBackground color of content area
@alain-default-widget-app-icons-enabledtrueWhether the app-icon widget styles
@alain-default-aside-user-enabledtrueWhether the user styles of aside


Why are there two shortcut menus?

The shortcut menu generation rules are uniformly searched under the 0 index,and get in the following order:

  1. Recommended children have shortcutRoot: true which is the highest priority

  2. Otherwise, find the link with the word dashboard, if it exists, create a shortcut entry below the menu.

  3. Otherwise placed at the 0 node position

Therefore, it's recommended to keep a valid shortcutRoot: true data under the 0 index of the menu data.


Hide main menu item

You can set hide: true in the menu.

Hide auto-generated navigation hide breadcrumbs

You can set hideInBreadcrumb: true in the menu.

About level

Although unlimited levels are supported, please keep no more than four levels (including groups) for user experience.

How to update a menu item

The menu will be re-rendered via calling MenuService.setItem(key, newValue), please refer to the definition of Menu.

How to control menu expand

Use SettingsService.setLayout to operate on collapsed, for example:

SettingsService.setLayout('collapsed', status);